Gabrielle KornMay 23, 2013, 4:40 PMOur daily swoon was delivered this morning courtesy of The Aesthete, who graced our screens with a feature on the gorgeous and talented Adeline Michèle.In case you haven't heard, Michèle is the 24-year-old front woman of the 17-piece disco band Escort, and it's no accident that she's the band's ringleader: This ultra-rad Parisian musician says her stage persona is as if "Prince and Chaka Khan had a kid together." Her style choices are made with that in mind — on stage, she wears clothes that she can jump around in, squat in, and really just belt it out like the all-around glamazon that she is.AdvertisementMichèle is styled by her close friend, Irini Arakas, who puts Michèle in items like sequined animal-print pants. Of her personal look, Michèle insisted that she's "kind of a tomboy," at which her stylist responded with a scoff, explaining "really what she is, is French." Touché.Check out the full article to read more about our new style crush, and let Moncler Outlet us know if you're as into her as we are. (The Aesthete) Photo: Courtesy of The AestheteAdvertisementBeauty ? Guide To Wearing Sequins ? Makeup